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Glycoworks RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan Kit-24 sample

Product Description

Re-imagine a streamlined, fast, and highly sensitive way to analyze released N-glycans. With just 3 easy steps in as little as 30 minutes, the GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan Kit reduces complicated, time-consuming sample preparation. RapiFluor-MS's (RFMS) unique chemical attributes provide increased fluorescence quantification and supreme mass spectral response. Now you can use a single label that provides valuable information from characterization to routine monitoring. Glycan analysis just got easier and more sensitive. This core kit includes the GlycoWorks Deglycosylation Module, GlycoWorks Labeling Module, GlycoWorks Clean-up Module, and the GlycoWorks Sample Collection Module. It contains materials to process 24 samples in a 3x8 format. The kit contains: GlycoWorks Deglycosylation Module: (1) 0.035 ml/vial Rapid PNGaseF Enzyme (1) 0.25 ml/vial Glycoworks Rapid Buffer (1) 3 vials of 3 mg/vial RapiGest™ SF Surfactant (1) Intact mAb Mass Check Standard *Shipped in a separate box GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS™ Labeling Module: (3) 9 mg/vial RapiFluor-MS Reagent (3) 1 ml/vial Reagent Solvent (Anhydrous DMF) GlycoWorks RFMS Clean-up Module: (4) 0.5 ml/vial Elution Buffer (200mM Ammonium Acetate 95/5 Water/ACN pH 7) (4) 3 ml/vial Sample Diluent (DMF/ACN Mixture) (1) GlycoWorks HILIC µElution Plate GlycoWorks Sample Collection Module: (15) 1 mL tubes for deglycosylation and labeling reaction (15) 600 µL tube inserts for SPE eluate collection (15) Cap strips with slits for direct injection (1) 1 mL round collection tray (1) Waste tray


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