Atlantis Columns

Atlantis Columns

Reversed-phase and HILIC HPLC Columns for superior polar compound retention

Reversed-phase and HILIC HPLC Columns for superior polar compound retention

Polar analytes are difficult to retain using traditional reversed-phase (RP) chromatography as they often elute in the void volume of the column. You can solve this challenge today with Atlantis Columns, which retain and separate polar analytes under reversed phase and HILIC conditions and provide quick, accurate, and reproducible quantification with increased retention and sensitivity.

Available in T3, dC18, and the unbonded HILIC chemistries, the Waters Atlantis Column family provides exceptional performance, versatility, retention, and chromatographic stability for polar compounds and balanced retention for broad analyte mixtures. 

Unwanted interactions between analytes and metal ions?

Atlantis Premier Columns with MaxPeak HPS technology mitigate interactions with stainless-steel column hardware.



  • Retains and separates small, water-soluble polar organic compounds
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
  • Improves detection limits, method reproducibility, and robustness by eliminating ion-pairing reagents
  • Long column lifetimes using low-pH mobile phases
  • Fully scalable in 3, 5, and 10 μm particle sizes

Recommended Use: For the reproducible retention and separation of a broad range of polar and non-polar compounds.

Atlantis Column Characteristics

Atlantis Column Characteristics

Atlantis T3 Columns
  • Superior retention of polar compounds
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
  • Exceptional column lifetime at low pH
  • Universal reversed-phase column for open access environments

Tri-functionally C18 bonding designed to improve column lifetimes and deliver exceptional reproducible performance for an expansive range of compound polarities.

Atlantis dC18 Columns
  • Superior retention of polar compounds
  • Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
  • Reversed-phase columns

Designed to deliver exceptional reproducible performance for both polar and non-polar molecules.

Atlantis HILIC Columns
  • Excellent for the retention of very polar, basic, water-soluble analytes
  • Specifically designed and tested for HILIC separations
  • Employ highly volatile (>80% organic) mobile phases
  • Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) silica columns

Ideal for mass spectrometry (MS) response and sensitivity.

Ideal for diverse analyte mixtures

When faced with analyzing several compounds across a broad range of polarity, few options will adequately retain polar species without excessively retaining less polar components. Atlantis T3 Columns are a universal, silica-based, reversed-phase C18 line of HPLC Columns, designed to deliver exceptional performance and give you the ability to retain and separate small, water-soluble polar organic compounds.

Seamless transfer across technology platforms

Based on different particle substrates, Waters Atlantis T3 and HSS T3 Columns enable labs to achieve similar selectivity and retention across HPLC and UPLC technology platforms, enabling ease of method transfer across an organization. 

Polar compound retention without ion-pairing reagents

Eliminating ion-pairing reagents improves detection limits, method reproducibility, and robustness, while reducing instrument maintenance from harsh mobile-phase environments. Atlantis HILIC Silica Columns retain very polar, organic molecules that cannot be retained using reversed-phase (RP) methods. Unlike the highly aqueous mobile phases required for polar retention in reversed-phase separations, Atlantis HILIC Silica Columns increase retention using volatile organic-based mobile phases, ideal for mass spectrometry (MS) response and sensitivity.

Scale from analytical to prep with ease

Atlantis T3 and HILIC Silica Prep OBD (Optimum Bed Density) Columns offer analytical column performance in preparative chromatography formats to deliver a variety of advantages, including improved bed stability, higher efficiency, longer column lifetime, and increased loadability.







Increase polar analyte retention over a wider pH range and mitigate unwanted analyte/surface interactions with Atlantis Premier Columns.

Prolong analytical column lifetime while maintaining chromatographic performance with VanGuard Pre-columns and cartridges.

Reduce failed assays with Waters glass and plastic autosampler vials and high sample recovery vials - certified/tested by HPLC, GC, and MS.

Ensure peak LC and LC-MS column and system performance by benchmarking with Waters Quality Control Reference Materials, a portfolio of ready-to-use standards and mixes.

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