Diversity & Inclusion at Waters

Diversity & Inclusion at Waters

Waters is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where diversity in all forms can thrive. We believe that celebrating differences and new ideas is not only our responsibility in delivering benefit, but it will also help us reach our full potential by harnessing the totality of the perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds of all our employees.

A strong community will make us better innovators and providers to our customers, and we are committed to ensuring every Waters employee feels proud to be a citizen of the Waters community.

Waters is also committed to building this inclusivity in our supply chain. Learn more about our Supplier Diversity program.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Employee Circles were founded by our colleagues with a passion to empower and engage all Waters employees through education, dialogue and community events.

As part of this continued effort to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, we hope all employees are empowered to advocate for what they believe in, feel safe to voice their concerns, and elevate difference of opinions and unique thoughts alongside their colleagues. Learn more about our Employee Circles below:

Gender Diversity Employee Circle

Fostering a culture of gender awareness and inclusiveness, where differences are embraced and leveraged to Deliver Benefit to our employees and communities.

Pride Employee Circle

Make Waters more inclusive and supportive to our employees, customers and vendors that make up our wonderful company. Centered on the principle that: “When employees can bring their true selves to work, we create an environment for all of us to be successful, innovative and engaged.”

Multiculture Employee Circle

Celebrating cultural diversity at Waters through education to create awareness and appreciation.

Veterans Employee Circle

Enhancing diversity by providing opportunities for Veterans and making Waters an attractive “second service” for Veterans and those considering separating from military service.


In the memory of Kory Morrow, enabling exposure, experiences, and opportunities for the next generation of STEM professionals.

On International Women's Day and every day, we choose to challenge gender inequality and celebrate the women of Waters.

Waters Corporation is honored to be recognized on the 2021 Corporate Equality Index, the Human Rights Foundation’s annual scorecard for LGBTQ+ workplace equality.
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