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With our NEW ACQUITY Premier Solution, you‘ll be able to see and do more.

With our NEW ACQUITY Premier Solution, you‘ll be able to see and do more.
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Introducing the Next Generation of High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

People Make the Waters Difference

Ming Gao, Ph.D., the Post-Doctoral Fellow based at Immerse, shares her SARS-CoV-2 work and her experience as a woman in chemistry and chemical engineering.

In the memory of Kory Morrow, enabling exposure, experiences, and opportunities for the next generation of STEM professionals.

Integrating sustainability into our strategy, operations, and products. Meet Andrew Pastor, our Director of Sustainability.

Events and Resources

ACQUITY PREMIER Columns with MaxPeak HPS technology improve sensitivity for qualification of steroid phosphate drugs.

Learn about GAMP categories, the risk-based approach, and critical thinking in the context of Computerized System Validation (CSV).

Accurately characterize biologics with LC-MS based peptide MAM workflows, like those offered by the BioAccord LC-MS System.

The Waters Family

TA Instruments provides instruments for thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry, and mechanical analysis.

ERA is an accredited provider of Certified Reference Materials, Proficiency Testing and Quality Control Standards.

VICAM provides reliable, cost-effective frequent monitoring solutions to achieve quality and compliance.

Andrew Alliance is dedicated to advance science by working with scientists to create a new class of easy-to-use robots and connected devices.

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