Hydrolysis and Analysis of Amino Acids Primer

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Hydrolysis and Analysis of Amino Acids from Purified Peptides/Proteins, Foods, and Feeds

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The task of accurately separating, identifying, and quantitating amino acids in the research, development, and commercialization of food, feed, and biotherapeutic products is challenging. Common to these applications is the need for adequate sample hydrolysis, an important first step in the workflow for analysis of bound amino acids, such as peptides and proteins. Hydrolysis allows for the analysis of the released amino acids, which can be separated using either ion-exchange or reversed-phase chromatographic methods.

Given the challenges of the sample preparation workflow, this document was compiled to provide useful guidelines for sample hydrolysis. The material contained in this document serves only as a starting point for this process. Depending on the sample type and its complexity, modifications to the described hydrolysis methods may be required. For additional information or troubleshooting tips on hydrolysis or a specific procedure, you should contact the manufacturer of your hydrolysis instrument or the appropriate agency – the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC). Waters cannot provide guidance on specific sample types.




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    Paula Hong, Donna Johnson, Donald A. Trinite, Bill Warren, Ning Zhang

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