Waters unlocks the potential of science by providing the tools, technology and insights that enable scientific breakthroughs and allow us to advance human health and well-being. Our employees are focused on pushing the boundaries of science to deliver the future of specialty measurement and analytical technologies to uncover truths in an increasingly complex world. ​

Waters has been at the forefront of scientific breakthroughs for the past 60 years. Today, with more than 7,000 dedicated global employees, we understand that unlocking the potential of science demands more than instrumentation of unparalleled technical precision. It means driving greater collaboration to help uncover the ideas that will fuel the ​next-generation of scientific advancements, as well as drive the ongoing business critical data and insight today’s labs demand.  ​ ​

From Immerse, our newest innovation and research lab in Cambridge, MA, USA, to our top-tier scientists and experts on the Innovation Response Team, we are reaching out to deliver the necessary technology and expertise to help push the boundaries, ensure compliance, and make new advances in science a reality. ​

Our network of global innovation hubs, featuring the finest technologies from the Waters portfolio, brings the best scientific minds together to foster a community of open innovation and collaboration. 

A collaboration of scientists and experts from diverse organizations, working together to share their collective ideas, questions and approaches to some of the most significant scientific challenges of our time.

A world-class laboratory facility in Singapore helping advance global research in food and water safety, food quality management, nutrition improvement, and environmental protection.

Induction into this society, named after our founder, is the highest honor given to the scientists at Waters.
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