2-AB Dextran Calibration Ladder [186006841]

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2-AB Dextran Calibration Ladder In order to take full advantage of the BEH glycan column, Waters created the 2-aminobenzamide labeled 2-AB Dextran Calibration Ladder Standard to assist glycan profiling. Glycan profile obtained from UPLC-HILIC/FLR systems can be calibrated against the 2AB-labeled dextran ladder and assigned with glucose unit (GU) values. Waters 2-AB labeled Dextran Calibration Ladder is different than the existing commercial offerings. The average molecular weight of the glucose homopolymer is higher (~4,500 Dalton), therefore, the workable GU value range is twice as much as the other dextran ladder standards; the observed GU goes from 2 to 30. This feature improves the large glycan retention time assignment.

Product Number: 186006841

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