RapiGest SF, 50 mg, 1/pk [186002122]

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RapiGest SF, 50 mg, 1/pk RapiGest™ SF, is a patented anionic surfactant that drastically improves in-solution protein digestion in terms of speed and peptide recovery. It is especially valuable in protein sample preparation for mass spectrometry (MS) analysis by avoiding high background noise often seen from other common surfactants.
RapiGest™ SF is available in a variety of formats. This part contains one, 50 mg vial for large scale digestions. Add RapiGest™ SF to your proteolytic digestion, (using trypsin or other enzymes) to enhance digestion speed and increase peptide recovery.
US Patent No: 8,580,533

Product Number: 186002122

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