An Untargeted Exposure Study of Small Isolated Populations Using Atmospheric Gas Chromatography Coupled with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

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Pierre Dumas, Lauren Mullin, Paul Goulding, and Adam Ladak
Institut National De Santé Publique Du Québec and Waters
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In this study, pooled plasma samples from individuals living in various small isolated coastal communities were analyzed using an exposomics approach to determine whether differences exist between the communities with regard to families and concentrations of contaminants. Samples were analyzed using atmospheric pressure chemical ionization gas chromatography (APGC) coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), operated in data independent acquisition (DIA) mode, where precursor and fragment information were collected in a single run.

Exposure studies involve complex data and subtle comparisons within the data sets. By utilizing the soft ionization of APGC and acquiring accurate mass data on both precursor and fragment ions in one method, a complete data set can be produced. This combined with the processing power of Progenesis QI Software allows complex statistical analysis to be performed quickly and easily. Progenesis Q1 also allows the searching of thousands of online databases and user generated libraries. This combination of hardware and software permits a simplified approach to exposomics workflows.

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