ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Data Integrity | A Year in Review

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On Demand Webinar
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Compliance and Regulatory




As 2017 draws to close, the data integrity experts at Waters reflect on the major challenges and findings of the year. Following a brief overview covering areas such as CDS findings, data management, lab automation, qualification and validation challenges, training and leveraging vendor services, the panel will inititate some poll questions to solicit input from the audience about challenges when adapting to this heightened focus on data integrity.

Then the team will open an extended Question and Answer session with the audience.


Heather Longden
Senior Marketing Manager, Informatics and Regulatory Compliance
Waters Corporation

As well as for internal education, Heather is also often called on to present on the latest Data Integrity observations to users of UNIFI, NuGenesis and Empower. Along with Waters Professional Services experts, Heather offers advice to users how to design Standard Operating Procedures and configure the applications to take advantage of the technical controls built into the applications.

Heather is also active in the ISPE GAMP Community of Practice and the ISPE New England Chapter where she is called on as an expert in Data Integrity, specifically around the chromatographic analysis process.

Heather Rennie
Services Marketing Manager, Americas
Waters Corporation

Heather is the Service Marketing Manager within the Americas Field Marketing group at Waters Corporation, an innovative analytical sciences and specialty measurement company. She has over 14 years of experience in supporting customers in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly with regard to qualification and compliance testing in regulated laboratories. Recently, Heather has concentrated on the regulations surrounding these laboratories and describing how to effectively and efficiently work within those guidelines.

Laura Turner
Manager, Consultation Services, Americas Professional Services
Waters Corporation

Laura came from academia and big pharma and has worked with customers for over 17 years on implementing software and systems in regulated industries. She has worked at Waters as the Manager of Consultation Services for the last 10 years which includes Computer Systems Validation (CSV) services. Laura has delivered seminars and workshops on best practices for CSV, Data Integrity and gives guidance on "how to" best configure the Waters Informatics portfolio in regulated laboratories.

Dan Chapman
Principal Product Manager, Informatics
Waters Corporation

Dan Chapman is a Principal Product Manager for Waters responsible for Data Management and Analytics products in the portfolio. He has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a master’s degree in International Business Management both from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK and has over 15 years’ experience in and around the pharmaceutical industry.

Having previously worked in various drug product development roles for a major Pharmaceutical company, Dan has first-hand experience interfacing wet science and informatics with exposure to ELN, CDS and LIMS solutions working in highly regulated environments.