Using UPLC-MS/MS for Workplace Drug Testing

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Rob Lee, Simone Donzelli, Giulia Riccardino, Luca Salvaderi, Michela De Francheschi, and Michelle Wood
Waters, CEDAM Italia, Bianalisi Analisi Mediche
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Technical Notes
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Forensic Toxicology

The rise of workplace drug testing has highlighted the need for a quick, accurate, reliable and robust method to initially screen the large number of samples. The developed approach meets these requirements and demonstrates excellent correlation with GC-MS methods.

The use of the ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class system allows for a quick and robust analytical method that can detect all the analytes in a single run, with an injection to injection time of 7 min combined with the simple sample dilution used allows for high sample throughput. Furthermore the superior sensitivity of the Xevo TQD permits detection of the analytes from a simple dilution of the sample at levels lower than the currently applied cut-offs and minimizes false positives.

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