One Purification Solutions Provider, Endless Possibilities for your Lab

Preparative-scale chromatography plays a critical role in applications where compounds must be synthesized, identified, isolated, purified, characterized, screened, and tested.

Waters offers scalable prep systems, from simple low-pressure mixing systems for purifying a few samples a day, to the AutoPurification HPLC or HPLC/MS System for high-throughput fraction collection from hundreds of samples, to batch Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) systems for the purification of large amounts of single samples.

Take the complexity out of purification with our versatile HPLC and SFC solutions that are capable of purifying micrograms to kilograms, in systems that can be configured to automatically process hundreds of samples. All this plus world-class service and worldwide support from a single purification vendor.

Analytical to Semi Preparative HPLC Purification Systems Modular Systems For when you only have a limited number of samples to purify and don’t need advanced features. These systems sit on the benchtop waiting for your chemists to use them. Use to purify micrograms to milligrams of compounds.
Semi-Preparative to Automated HPLC Purification Systems AutoPurification System Perform both analytical and automated, preparative chromatography on a single, high-throughput HPLC platform. Flexible solutions for whether you have a just a few or hundreds of samples to run. Use to purify microgram to multigram quantities.
Semi Preparative to Automated SFC Purification Systems Semi Preparative to Preparative-Scale SFC Purification Our SFC solutions allow you to do both analytical and high-throughput preparative SFC. Purify chiral and achiral compounds with dramatically reduced solvent consumption and fraction drydown times. Use to purify microgram to gram quantities.
Bulk SFC Purification Systems Preparative-Scale SFC Purification Our suite of bulk-scale SFC purification systems match you with the right system for the amount of sample you need to purify, even if you are purifing a large amount of just one sample. Use to purify grams to kilograms of your compounds.
Optical Detection Technologies Optical Detectors for Purification and Modular LC Systems HPLC optical detectors provide additional analytical detail about your samples. When paired with their accessories, such as flow cells or nebulizers, you can obtain more information per run, fulfilling multiple detection strategy requirements.