14th Slovenian-Croatian Waters Users' Meeting

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Date(s): 15 November 2017 - 17 November 2017
Location: Bled, Slovenia
Language: English

Traditionally, during the WUM we will represent a set of interesting and instructive lectures and workshops. This year too, the meeting is composed of three-day lectures, which are divided by days according to the field of work.

Wednesday 15.11.2017 - we will introduce latest trends and news related to liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. We will emphasize new developments in analytical techniques, like in 2D and MS tandem quadrupole technologies. We will speak about Chromatography Data Systems (CDS) and QbD approach in analytical method development with emphasis on Data Integrity and related software solutions from Waters Corporation.

Thursday - Biopharma Day 16.11.2017 - we will introduce Waters complete solutions for characterisation of biosimilars. In addition new configuration of Acquity H-Class UPLC coupled with Wyatt MALS detection will be introduced for SEC analytics. After lectures we will continue with Hands-on laboratory workshop, where you will be able to see the configuration "live".

Friday 17.11.2017 - we will focus on food and environmental analysis solutions, with emphasis on sample preparation techniques that will ease your daily sample preparation with complex matrix samples. Hands-on SPE workshop will follow, where participants will experience true sample prep world.

One-day participation on all lectures is free of charge. We will organize daily transfer from Ljubljana and Zagreb.

*During he event, we will organise laboratory workshops and Empower Hands-on workshop:

  • Wednesday, 15.11.2017 - Empower Hands-on workshop: S/N Empower Capabilities
  • Thursday, 16.11.2017 - Empower Hands-on workshop: Data Processing
  • Thursday, 16.11.2017 - Biopharma Hands-on laboratory workshop: H-Class BIO+MALS uDawn
  • Thursday, 16.11.2017 - NuGenesis Clinics Hands-on Session
  • Thursday, 16.11.2017 - Arc method transfer Tips&Tricks Hands-on laboratory workshop
  • Friday, 17.11.2017 - Empower Hands-on workshop: Custom fields
  • Friday, 17.11.2017 - MassLynx Clinics Hands-on Session

 *Some workshops are payable. Check Registration Form for details. Number of participants for Empower workshops is limited to 10, all others are limited to maximum of 15 participants. 

In addition we will organize also: 

Thursday, 16.11.2017 - 3rd Pharmaceutical Executive Forum, dedicated for department and laboratory heads and coordinators, who are responsible to secure regulated laboratory environment and have to follow latest regulations. Special topic will be focused on Data Integrity solutions from Waters Corporation and complete informatics platform vision for next five years, which will enable users to be fully compliant in demanding validated environment.

Friday 17.11.2017 - This year's New event is 1st Informatics Forum which is focused on topics relevant to IT specialists and developers, who`s responsibilities include providing adequate IT infrastructure in regulated and validated environment. After lectures are finished, roundtable discussion will be organized to discuss also customer`s expectactions for CDS in near future.

We expect your Registration no later than November, 8th, 2017.

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