In partnership with Waters, leading scientists are facilitating breakthroughs in health and life science research, food safety and water quality, environmental protection, sports medicine, clinical diagnostics and many other areas.

We want to recognize and celebrate our customers' scientific advancements, their impact on their respective organizations and their contributions to the world.

Our customers' accomplishments have inspired us to create the Waters Centers of Innovation and User Voice. We hope you enjoy hearing about and from your peers and colleagues as they share their passion for the possibilities of science.

Academic Resources Waters has worked with academia for over 50 years. Our interactions range from active collaborations to advance the sciences to educational programs aimed at providing the best possible student technical training.
MS Technologies Learn more from Waters MS experts about the technologies that add unique capabilities to Waters MS systems.
Chemical Materials Chemical Materials User Voice: Fake perfumes are not only a financial problem for the fragrance industry but a health problem for consumers. Learn how one Brazilian laboratory is fighting against faux fragrances using Waters high resolution mass spectrometry.
Environmental User Voice: Pesticide residues. Hormone residues. Drug residues. Scientists use Waters systems to see these contaminants in their samples, so the only thing the rest of the world sees is clean water.
Food Testing Food Testing User Voice: Water contaminants. Drug residues. Illegal antibiotics. With Waters systems no matter where food comes from, scientists can test to see that contaminants don’t come with them.
Forensics Forensics User Voice: An entire criminal investigation can hinge upon identifying a drug in a victim’s body. This makes a Waters system more than a piece of technology. It becomes an expert witness.
Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences User Voice: When it comes to drug discovery and development, trial and error is part of the process. With the unparalleled speed, productivity and efficiency of Waters systems, trial and success is part of it too.
Proteomics PLS: Discovery & Life Sciences User Voice: Meeting the demands of proteomics and biomarker discovery research labs is an awesome responsibility. Waters provides advanced tools for protein discovery, characterization, quantification and validation.
PLS Early Development PLS: Early Stage Development User Voice: Our customers with laboratory functions in Early Stage Development, and Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), are achieving new levels of success with Waters quantitative and qualitative UPLC/MS/MS solutions.
Pharmaceutical Operations PLS: Operations User Voice: From maintaining quality control and assurance, to ensuring pharmaceutical manufacturing and operations are performing at optimal levels, analytical technologies are the backbone of success.
Biopharmaceutical PLS: Biopharmaceutical User Voice: For biopharmaceutical characterization, Waters provides breakthrough UPLC/MS systems, column chemistries, software and most importantly, the applications expertise to achieve success.

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