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    Compare Column Backpressures & Mass Loads      
      LC Column A   LC Column B    
      Inner Diameter  
      Particle size  
      Solvent Name  
      Flow Rate   mL / min   mL / min  
      Solvent viscosity (cP)          
        Mass Load   mg   mg  
        Injection volume   µL   µL  
          Backpressure (column only)   psi   psi  
        bar   bar  
      Available column volume (for solvent):   mL   mL  
      Recommended Injection volumes min   µL   µL  
          max   µL   µL  
      Recommended Flow rates min   mL/min   mL/min  
          max   mL/min   mL/min  
        Small molecule, RP   mg   mg  
      Mass Small molecule, NP   mg   mg   These are estimates for loading and will  
      Load Peptides, RP   mg   mg   vary with sample type and solvent choice  
      Guide: Proteins / Peptides, SEC   mg   mg   (RP = Reversed Phase, NP = Normal Phase)
        Proteins, IEX, isocratic   mg   mg  
        Proteins, IEX, gradient   mg   mg  
      Adjust Backpressure (adjust to take into account  
      different packing densities and system contribution)  
      Press reset to go back to default  
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