Specialized LC Systems

Portfolio of purpose-built solutions for specific applications and workflows.

ACQUITY UPLC Systems with 2D LC Technology ACQUITY UPLC Systems with 2D LC/multidimensional LC provide resolution, sensitivity, and productivity for multidimensional applications that is simple to use, easy to implement, and compatible with a wide range of chemistries.
ACQUITY APC 超效能高分子層析系統 Waters ACQUITY APC 超效能高分子層析系統是基於分子篩選層析(Size-exclusion Chromatography)分離基本原理的突破性技術產品,以前所未有的分析速度為您提供更詳盡的高分子材料資訊。
ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with 2D Technology For protein identifications, quantification, and sequence coverage, 2D technology employs reversed-phase chromatography at pH 10 in the first dimension, followed by reversed-phase chromatography at pH 2 in the second dimension.
ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with HDX Technology The ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System w/Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (HDX) Technology and high-resolution MS identifies changes in protein conformation with confidence by stringently controlling temperature sensitive parts of the HDX sample work up.
ACQUITY UPC² 利用UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (極致效能合相層析法)拓展反相液相層析和傳統氣相分離的應用範圍,不僅為例行性分析提供了終極解決方案,而且明顯地簡化實驗室的工作流程。
PATROL UPLC Process Analyzer PATROL UPLC Process Analyzer為即時流程分析技術(Process Analytical Technology,PAT)系統,可直接在生產現場上偵測及量化複雜、多種成分製造樣品及最終產品。
ACQUITY UPLC System (IVD) The ACQUITY UPLC System provides UPLC/UHPLC chromatographic resolution and sensitivity, and high throughput using sub-2-µm particles. This is the original UPLC system and remains in production to support user validated methods in clinical chemistry.