Single Quadrupole Mass Detection

Single quad technology is a well respected, robust and reliable mass detection technique for many different functional areas of LC-MS across many different industries. 

Designed for compatibility with UPLC, UPSFC, HPLC, and AutoPurification, and with a wide range of ionization options, single quadrupole mass detection is an easy way to generate an extra dimension of information from your separation.

RADIAN ASAP直接分析質量偵測器 RADIAN ASAP快速直接分析系統能幫助您縮短新藥開發週期、拓展客戶服務範圍,並且發揮更強的實力。
ACQUITY QDa質量檢測器 ACQUITY QDa質量檢測器是一款專為分析人員的需求而特別開發的檢測器。它耐用、可靠,無需預先對樣品進行任何調整,能與您現有的LC、ACQUITY UPLC、ACQUITY UPC2和純化系統完美結合。
SQ Detector 2 擁有通用離子源技術和廣泛的品質範圍,經過最全面的分析提供給您需要的結果。與 HPLC、UPLC、UPC2、Autopurification 及 SFC 相容。



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