Acrylamide Analysis Kits

Kits for the extraction and cleanup of acrylamide in processed foods prior to LC-MS/MS analysis

The Acrylamide Analysis Starter and Refill Kits include the consumables you need to perform the extraction, cleanup and separation of acrylamide from processed foods by LC-MS/MS. These kits enable reproducible and robust extraction, cleanup and separation of acrylamide from foodstuffs, providing you with a simple workflow and enabling you to have confidence in your results. Starter kits include the chromatographic column and consumables for the preparation of 100 samples. Refill kits contain the necessary consumables for 100 additional samples. 

  • DisQuE Pouches – pre-weighed salts for analyte extraction
  • DisQuE dSPE Cleanup Tubes - pre-weighed salts and sorbent for sample cleanup
  • ACQUITY or XSelect HSS C18 column - for excellent separation and resolution by either UPLC or UHPLC
  • Oasis MCX Cartridges - for matrix removal and analyte concentration
  • TruView LCMS Certified Vials - designed and certified for use with LC-MS/MS systems
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Determination of Acrylamide in Processed Foods
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