Columns Calculator Version 2.0

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The Columns Calculator enables you to scale a method by calculating operating parameters that give equivalent chromatographic performance. Use the Columns Calculator to quickly define methods that you can test further in the laboratory.

You can install the Columns Calculator software on any stand-alone workstation or client/server environment supported by Empower software, Version 3 and later, or MassLynx software, Version 4.1 and later.

Additionally, you can install the Columns Calculator software on any personal computer with Windows 7 32-bit or Windows 7 64-bit operating systems, while logged in as a local administrator.

Refer to the attached Release Notes for additional information and restrictions. The Release Notes contain important information about known and fixed issues, installation, and/or configuration instructions, and recommendations for re-qualification or re-validation. Also attached is the appropriate Certificate of Structural Integrity.


  1. Download and read the Release Notes prior to installing the driver.
  2. When making any changes to a system, you should consider the applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and complete the appropriate documentation and validation.

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Columns Calculator Version 2.0 Driver Release Notes PDF 181.65kB
Columns Calculator Version 2.0 Certificate of Structural Integrity PDF 157.34kB
Columns Calculator Version 2.0 executable EXE 778310.24kB