Regulated Bioanalysis Platform Solution with UNIFI

No compromises between data quality, laboratory productivity, and compliance

The Regulated Bioanalysis Platform Solution with UNIFI features workflow-driven software that provides data acquisition, processing, and reporting for UPLC/MS/MS quantification studies. The system and software combine to streamline the tasks of bioanalysis, from matrix factor determination to ultra high sensitivity quantification.

  • Develop robust methods with the sensitivity to meet assay requirements
  • Ensure quality and consistency of results
  • Comply with increasing regulatory demands: Matrix Effects, MIST, ISR, 21 CFR Part 11, GLP
  • Workstation and network configurations for LC/MS/MS teams
  • Meet evolving analytical demands, from peptide bioanalysis to dried blood spot bioanalysis, and more
  • Maximize up time and minimize cost per sample 
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