ACQUITY UPC2 System Expand the boundaries of reversed phase LC and traditional GC separations with UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography and provide the ultimate solution for routine analysis while streamlining laboratory workflow.
ACQUITY UPLC I-Class PLUS System The highest performing UPLC system ever engineered. With dramatically decreased dispersion for the highest resolution, rapid injection cycles and sample throughput with reduced carryover, it's clearly the superior inlet to any mass spectrometer.
Система ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Наиболее надежный и производительный инструмент, который может обеспечить разделение с качеством, характерным для систем UPLC, на уровне от нано- до микрочастиц. Благодаря этому любая лаборатория может повысить чувствительность в ходе анализов ЖХ/МС.
ionKey/MS Система ionKey/MS позволяет выполнять разделение UPLC в источнике масс-спектрометра.
ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS System The ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS System delivers the flexibility and precision of quaternary or binary solvent blending with the advanced performance expected of UPLC separations: high resolution, sensitivity and improved throughput.
ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS Bio System Engineered with a bio-inert flow path, the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS Bio System is ideal for orthogonal RP, SEC, IEX, and HILIC quaternary bioseparations.
Alliance HPLC System The industry-standard HPLC platform with versatile, dependable performance, flexible system configurations and scalable separation chemistries that address the analytical needs of your laboratory.
ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with 2D Technology For protein identifications, quantification, and sequence coverage, 2D technology employs reversed-phase chromatography at pH 10 in the first dimension, followed by reversed-phase chromatography at pH 2 in the second dimension.
ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with HDX Technology The ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System w/Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (HDX) Technology and high-resolution MS identifies changes in protein conformation with confidence by stringently controlling temperature sensitive parts of the HDX sample work up.
ACQUITY UPLC Systems with 2D LC Technology ACQUITY UPLC Systems with 2D LC/multidimensional LC provide resolution, sensitivity, and productivity for multidimensional applications that is simple to use, easy to implement, and compatible with a wide range of chemistries.
Система ACQUITY UPLC ACQUITY UltraPerformance LC (UPLC) система позволяет достигать высочайшего хроматографического разрешения и чувствительности , а также сверх производительности, используя технологию маленьких частиц , менее 2 мкм.