Intact mAb Mass Check Standard

Fully Characterized Monoclonal Antibody Standard

Analysis of intact proteins by MS is a powerful approach for protein identification and assignment of protein modifications. The Intact mAb Mass Check Standard is a LC-MS standard used as a qualitative tool for intact mass analysis. This standard is designed to be used for routine MS optimization, system setup and performance testing.

  • Intact mouse IgG1 protein purified by Protein-A with a known molecular weight
  • Ideal for higher molecular weight intact mass measurements
  • Used as the unlabeled, control standard for the GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS N-Glycan sample preparation workflow as it has 4 major glycosylated peptides
  • Provided in a Waters TruView Vial (ideal for peptides) as 1 mg of lyophilized solid (lyophilization grade sucrose is used for stabilization).
  • Recommended solubilization is in 100-200 µL of DI water.  Store at -20 °C immediately upon arrival.
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