Glycan Analysis Solutions

Bringing together complementary techniques to streamline glycan analysis, Waters offers complete, workflow-based approaches for analyzing glycoproteins at all structural levels.

  • Glycoprotein profiling
  • Released glycan characterization and monitoring
  • Middle up/down
  • Subunit analysis
  • Monosaccharide/Sialic acid composition
  • Glycopeptide mapping

Glycan Columns Choose the most appropriate LC-based technology to address your specific glycan analysis needs and laboratory instrumentation.
Glycan Standard & Kits Specifically formulated reference standards and high-quality reagents that help you benchmark and perform glycan applications using a variety of derivitazation labeling techniques or non-labeling column chemistries on any LC-MS system.
Набор для масс-спектрометрии N-гликанов GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS Традиционные методы подготовки образцов для N-гликанов могут требовать больших временных затрат или сопряжены со снижением уровня чувствительности. Это ограничивает пропускную способность или получение детальной информации, по которой можно характериз
Bioseparations and Analyses Catalog Bioseparations Catalog

HPLC, UHPLC, UPLC, and LC-MS consumables for biomolecule analyses.
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