extractables and leachables

Join the first interactive Extractables, Leachables & Food Contact Materials Testing Forum and enter the discussion with some of the brightest minds in E&L studies.

Migration of chemicals and potential contaminants from packaging materials is a major concern for human health. Manufacturers and suppliers to the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as for the regulatory bodies who are responsible for consumer safety and health.

Waters E&L forum offers a unique opportunity for leading E&L experts and decision makers to discuss the latest updates on regulations in the field of food, pharma, biopharma and medical devices, targeted and non-targeted screening workflow, chromatographic techniques, extraction methods and analytical standards & reagents, and much more.

Attendees network, build beneficial relationships, and hear panels featuring diverse industry perspectives on issues facing the E&L industry in both the US and globally.

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Who should attend?


The Forum is focused on the needs of scientists working in the area of Extractables & Leachables and Food Contact Materials.

Attendees will learn:

  • Upcoming and new regulations in the field of food, pharma, biopharma and medical devices
  • Target and non-targeted screening workflow by using Unifi
  • Characterization and structural elucidation of unknowns 
  • Choice of chromatographic techniques, extraction methods and analytical standards & reagents

We will warmly welcome you on our virtual E&L Forum.


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Forum agenda


This forum is a 2-day event. You can register for one or two days, and for the breakout sessions you want to attend.

Agenda Day #1 - January 27th, 2021

Agenda Day #2 - January 28th, 2021

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Caitlyn Da Costa
Senior Application Chemist
Waters Corporation


extractables and leachables

Rachel Sanig
Application Scientist
Waters Corporation


extractables and leachables

Stefan Stuppner
Dr. rer. nat in analytical chemistry
University of Innsbrück

Andrew Feilden
European E&L Strategic Director
Hall Analytical


extractables and leachables

Pr. Cristina Nerin
Prof. Analytical Chemistry
University of Zaragosa


extractables and leachables

Catherine Smith
Scientist, Analytical and Systems Research division (ASR)
Arkema Inc.

Philipp Langenbach
Managing director
SAS hagmann GmbH & Co. KG


extractables and leachables

Ioan Paraschiv
Regulatory Affairs Manager Food Contact Materials & REACh
Knoell The Netherlands


extractables and leachables

Mijo Stanic
General Manager
Chromicent GmbH


Still not sure to register? Here's why you should attend this forum!

  • Are you working to minimise the potential risks associated with extractables, leachables and NIAS compounds in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Medical Devices and Food Contact Materials?
  • Are you being challenged by the complexity of the workflow in this intersection of chemistry, material science and toxicology?
  • Are you struggling with the rapidly changing regulatory landscape in different industries?

Then we will warmly welcome you on our virtual E&L Forum.


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