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Ion Mobility: Uncover the Unknown - Comprehensive Drug Metabolite Analysis Using Ion Mobility and Advanced Data Mining

View the latest webinar on the use of Ion Mobility for Comprehensive Drug Metabolite Analysis conducted on September 25th, 2018 :

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  • Application Note: Using Mass-MetaSite and WebMetabase to Process HDMSE Data Acquired on the Vion IMS QTof Mass Spectrometer

About the Presenters:
Steve Preece Ph.D. CChem MRSC, MS Business Manager EMEA and India - Waters Corporation

Steve joined Waters (then Fisons Instruments) in 1991 as an applications chemists working with LC-MS(MS) and GC-MS. Since then he has held positions in applications development, product management, pharmaceutical market development and product business development. As product manager for the Platform LC single quadrupole MS he was involved in the integration of the API single quads into Waters systems. He was also involved in the development and introduction of QuanLynx™ and MetaboLynx™ application managers. In his current role he looks after MS Business in Europe and India.

Eric Van Beelen, Business Development Manager Pharmaceutical Market, Europe and India, Waters Corporation

Eric holds a PhD in analytical sciences and has a background in the pharmaceutical industry where he has been responsible for (bio) analytical studies in discovery and development, including structure elucidation. In his current role as business development manager Europe, Eric shares responsibility for the pharmaceutical market within Waters Corporation.