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Enter a New Dimension of Performance. Enter SYNAPT G2
With the original SYNAPT platform, we defined an entirely new category of mass spectrometry. Now we've created a completely new dimension of performance to drive your scientific discovery like never before.

SYNAPT HDMS - Articles and Peer-Reviewed Journal Publication Articles

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Is your group staying up-to-date with current lab technologies? Do you have a reliable source for continuing education about analytical techniques? Waters Educational Services is the leading training organization empowering scientists to maximize their skills in UPLC, HPLC, LC/MS, and Data Management.
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UPLC (/MS) Application Notebook

2011 Waters Quality Parts, Chromatography Columns and Supplies Catalog


UPLC (/MS) Application Notebook

UPLC and UPLC/MS Application Notebook

This notebook features applications on method comparison across multiple systems, system-to-system reproducibility, and more.
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The Quest for Ultra Performance in LC

Learn about the origin and history of LC.
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Beginner's Guide to UPLC

Learn how to be successful with ultra-performance liquid chromatography.
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