Intact Trastuzumab Monoclonal Antibody Quantification Using the Xevo G2-XS QTof High Resolution Mass...
Библиотечный номер: APNT134994628 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1085.47 kB | Год: 2018 | Тип содержания: Методики

This technology brief demonstrates the performance of the Xevo™ G2-XS QTof platform for intact level quantification of trastuzumab monoclonal antibody and the use of UNIFI™ for rapid data processing and analysis.

A Sensitive Microflow LC-MS/MS Method for the Analysis of Fluticasone Propionate in Human Plasma
Библиотечный номер: APNT134932133 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 431.95 kB | Год: 2017 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application note demonstrates the quantification of fluticasone propionate in human plasma.

Detection and Identification of Synthetic Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibitors in Adulterated Herbal ...
Библиотечный номер: APNT10119959 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 2731.12 kB | Год: 2015 | Тип содержания: Методики

In this work, we evaluate the use of the Xevo TQ MS for the detection and identification of adulterants in herbal supplements.

Favorable Conditions for Quantification of Peptides in Complex Samples by Multiple Reaction Monitori...
Библиотечный номер: APNT134608687 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1701 kB | Год: 2014 | Тип содержания: Методики

Easily achieve quantification of less than a femtomole from complex protein digest samples using a nanoACQUITY UPLC System coupled with a Xevo TQ MS.

ACQUITY UPLC I-Class: Reduced System Dispersion and Advanced Features to Minimize Gradient Delay for...
Библиотечный номер: APNT134647238 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1349.19 kB | Год: 2011 | Тип содержания: Методики

The low dispersion characteristics of the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System provide the highest resolution separations of any UHPLC system.

ACQUITY UPLC I-Class: Achieving the Lowest Carryover Across Different Injection Platforms
Библиотечный номер: APNT134647000 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1846.93 kB | Год: 2011 | Тип содержания: Методики

The ACQUITY UPLC I-Class Sample Manager with the flow-through needle and fixed-loop injection platforms was designed to deliver the ultimate in low carryover and leverage the performance of highly sensitive mass spectrometers.

Mobility Assisted Data Independent Protein Identification
Библиотечный номер: APNT134609086 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 2134.35 kB | Год: 2011 | Тип содержания: Методики

Achieve greater than 85% identification reproducibility with 1D-LC-HDMS[E]

Direct Analysis in Real time (DART) Mass Spectrometry of Adulterants in Herbal Slimming Products usi...
Библиотечный номер: APNT10201342 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 3106.71 kB | Год: 2010 | Тип содержания: Методики

Use of Xevo TQ MS with a DART source enables the direct analysis of solids or liquids for simultaneous intact molecular ion and fragmentation information with rapid sample analysis.

UPLC for Bioanalysis: Retaining Productivity with High Data Quality using UPLC and RADAR
Библиотечный номер: APNT10171815 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1483.42 kB | Год: 2010 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application note demonstrates the use of UPLC/MS/MS to acquire high-quality data while maintaining laboratory productivity in bioanalysis.

Fast and Effective Optimization of MRM Methods for LC/MS/MS Analysis of Peptides
Библиотечный номер: APNT10136357 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 3560.29 kB | Год: 2009 | Тип содержания: Методики

In this application note, we describe the use of Waters' innovative IntelliStart Software and its use with the ACQUITY UPLC and Xevo TQ MS systems to rapidly develop an MRM method for peptides and small proteins.