RADIAN ASAP with LiveID – Fast, Specific, and Easy Drug Screening
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This study explores the feasibility of using RADIAN ASAP – a new compact device based on Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe-Mass Spectrometry (ASAP-MS), for rapid drug screening.

Using UPLC-MS/MS for Workplace Drug Testing
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The aim of this technology brief is to develop a UPLC®-MS/MS method for the analysis of 21 substances, commonly measured in workplace drug testing (WPDT) schemes, using a simple dilution of the urine prior to analysis.

UPLC/MS/MS for the Screening, Confirmation, and Quantification of Drugs Illegally Added to Herbal/Di...
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For the first time, an analytical screening method for the detection of both known and unknown erectile dysfunction drugs and their analogues is successfully completed.

TargetLynx Application Manager
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The TargetLynx Application Manager automates data acquisition, processing and reporting, incorporating a wide range of confirmatory checks that identify samples falling outside user-specified or regulatory thresholds, providing confidence in quantitative ...