Building Laboratory Capacity to Ensure Cannabis Safety, Quality, and Efficacy
Library Number: LITR134998475 | Format: PDF | File Size: 1954.63 kB | Year: 2018 | Content Type: Literature

In this case study, learn how ProVerde Laboratories is using UPLC-MS/MS and UPC2 to ensure consumer safety and product quality for medical marijuana products.

Real-time Sample Recognition with LiveID Software
Library Number: LITR134939556 | Format: PDF | File Size: 704.53 kB | Year: 2018 | Content Type: Literature

LiveID™ software enables the real-time classification of samples using direct-analysis mass spectrometry (MS). Information is provided to the user immediately at the time of analysis enabling informed, real-time, decision making and removing doubt from sa...

A Novel Approach to Overcoming Sample Complexity in Food Contaminant Testing
Library Number: LITR134941873 | Format: PDF | File Size: 695.09 kB | Year: 2017 | Content Type: Literature

RADAR is an extremely useful tool in the food testing laboratory for the development of sample preparation and chromatographic methods, as well as for monitoring final methods when in use.

Chromatography Data System Solutions for the Food Industry
Library Number: LITR134940216 | Format: PDF | File Size: 7179.11 kB | Year: 2017 | Content Type: Literature

Empower 3 CDS provides comprehensive control of LC, GC, IC, MS, and SFC systems, including all major HPLC and UHPLC brands, allowing Food QC scientists to standardize data management, data processing, regulatory submission records, and reporting.

Ensuring Food Ingredient Quality and Consistency with a Novel Mass Detection Technology
Library Number: LITR134937427 | Format: PDF | File Size: 565.79 kB | Year: 2017 | Content Type: Literature

In this case study, learn how Kalsec, a leading global producer of natural ingredient solutions, was able to improve both data quality and decision-making in capsicum extract production with ACQUITY UPLC H-Class, ACQUITY QDa mass detection, and Empower CD...

Tobacco Analysis Solutions for Regulatory Compliance and Research
Library Number: LITR134901088 | Format: PDF | File Size: 3214.25 kB | Year: 2016 | Content Type: Literature

Waters is committed to providing state-of-the art technology to enable the development of new methods to meet tobacco product legislative requirements.

Food Safety Solutions
Library Number: LITR10072765 | Format: PDF | File Size: 14687.91 kB | Year: 2014 | Content Type: Literature

Waters food safety solutions combine innovative instrumentation, column chemistries, and data management software for the testing of pesticides, veterinary dyes, process contaminants, environmental contaminants, and natural toxins in foods.

Accelerating Product Development and Release with a Rapid, High-Precision Vitamin Analysis Method
Library Number: LITR134779155 | Format: PDF | File Size: 875.72 kB | Year: 2014 | Content Type: Literature

In this case study, learn how a global health care company was able to leverage the UPLC/MS/MS platform for the routine quantiative analysis of vitamins to support their R&D and QC activities.

Vitamin Analysis Solutions
Library Number: LITR134775911 | Format: PDF | File Size: 5355.85 kB | Year: 2013 | Content Type: Literature

Accurate and robust quantitation of vitamins in food and beverages.

ACQUITY UPLC Aflatoxin Analysis Kit
Library Number: LITR10106577 | Format: PDF | File Size: 2153.6 kB | Year: 2016 | Content Type: Literature

The ACQUITY UPLC Aflatoxin Analysis Kit combines the ACQUITY UPLC System and Fluorescence (FLR) Detector for the rapid and accurate quantitation of aflatoxins without post-column derivitization.