Ensuring Compositional Accuracy During Soft Drink Manufacturing
Library Number: LITR134717488 | Format: PDF | File Size: 804.18 kB | Year: 2012 | Content Type: Literature

In this case study, learn how the Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED was able to maximize efficiency and control operational costs in their QC labs with ACQUITY UPLC H-Class and Waters Beverage Analysis Kit.

Employing a Bioanalytical Data Management System to Increase Workflow Efficiency
Library Number: LITR10164408 | Format: PDF | File Size: 2221.71 kB | Year: 2012 | Content Type: Literature

Learn how the Bioanalysis group at a major pharmaceutical company reduced the amount of paper generated and stored by 90% with NuGenesis SDMS.

Laboratory Informatics Business Solutions
Library Number: LITR10057967 | Format: PDF | File Size: 7127.27 kB | Year: 2012 | Content Type: Literature

A complilation of case studies that highlight laboratory Informatics solutions that addressed customers' regulatory, technological, and data management challenges, as well as improved their business workflow.