Systematic Toxicological Analysis (STA) Using the ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector
Библиотечный номер: APNT135042267 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 711.46 kB | Год: 2020 | Тип содержания: Методики

Evaluation of a fast and simple OASIS PRiME SPE method for xenobiotics in biological samples.

Evaluating BioAccord LC-MS System Performance for Deployment of a Compact, SmartMS-Enabled Biopharma...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135042074 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 591.26 kB | Год: 2020 | Тип содержания: Методики

This technology brief demonstrates the Waters BioAccord system-to-system reproducibility for intact mAb glycoprofiling.

Separation and Analysis of TCA Cycle Analytes by Mixed-Mode Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectro...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135041807 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1355.55 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

A reproducible LC-MS method is described for the analysis of the TCA cycle analytes as well as other related compounds without the need for sample derivatization or ion-pairing reagents.

Automated Peak Tracking Using Mass Detection and Fusion QbD Software
Библиотечный номер: APNT135041715 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1358.56 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application note describes the benefits of using Fusion QbD® and the PeakTracker technology for method development.

Analytical Quality-by-Design Based Method Development for the Analysis of Formoterol, Budesonide, an...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135037716 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 453.88 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

In this application note, a software assisted AQbD approach was implemented to develop a method for the analysis of formoterol, budesonide, and related compounds.

Streamlined Method Validation for Analysis of Formoterol Fumarate and Budesonide in Metered Dose Inh...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135041227 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 858.49 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application note presents a validation of UPLC method for formoterol fumarate and budesonide active pharmaceutical ingredients using Empower Method Validation Manager (MVM).

Quantitative Analysis of Phosphatidylethanolamine and Phosphatidylcholine from Rice Oil Lecithin and...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135041160 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 719.72 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

A method for the quantitative analysis of PE and PC on the ACQUITY UPLC H Class System with a PDA Detector is described.

A Quantitative UPLC-MS/MS Research Method for the Measurement of Acetaminophen and 5 Metabolites in ...
Библиотечный номер: APNT134942379 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 296.86 kB | Год: 2017 | Тип содержания: Методики

Here we describe a methodology for the rapid quantification of acetaminophen in plasma.

Metabolic Profiling of Urine Samples with the SYNAPT XS High Definition (HDMS)
Библиотечный номер: APNT135040666 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 740.72 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The SYNAPT XS HDMS is the newest addition to Waters high resolution portfolio. The instrument benefits from improved sensitivity and resolution providing high quality quantitative data for metabolic profiling.

Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (Xevo TQ-XS) for the Quantification of Monoclonal Antibody Light...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135040631 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 569.65 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

This work describes a selective and specific sample preparation workflows and superior chromatographic separation of mAb subunit light chains.

UPLC-MS/MS Analysis of Dihydrotesterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Testosterone, Androstenedione, 17-H...
Библиотечный номер: APNT134987532 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1064.56 kB | Год: 2018 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application note describes a clinical research method utilizing Oasis MAX μElution Plate technology for the extraction of steroid hormones in serum.

Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) in Drinking Water: Extraction Using the PS2 Cartridge in Acco...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135038861 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 456.78 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The extraction of PFAS from drinking water samples is demonstrated according to EPA method.

A Multi-Residue Method for the Analysis of Pesticides in Cannabis Using UPLC-MS/MS and APGC-MS/MS to...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135038801 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 335.62 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

A single workflow for the multi-residue analysis of pesticides in cannabis is demonstrated.

Determination of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins and Tetrodotoxins in Shellfish by Ultra-High Performance...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135037879 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 263.86 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The detection, identification, and quantification of paralytic shellfish toxins and tetrodotoxin in shellfish tissues is determined.

Using Advanced Polymer Chromatography with Quaternary Solvent Manager and Evaporative Light Scatteri...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135037655 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 666.23 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The Waters ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) System is designed to operate consistently using harsh solvents.

Polymer Additive Analysis Study Using Tetrahydrofuran and Advanced Polymer Chromatography with Gradi...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135037586 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1083.2 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The APC System, with a THF-compatible p-QSM, enables a gradient elution separation of polar and non-polar polymer additives in a mixture.

Investigation of the Xevo TQ-S cronos System’s Robustness for the Determination of Acrylamide in Pro...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135037534 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 754.14 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The performance method for the determination of acrylamide in processed foods is demonstrated by UPLC-MS/MS.

Online IEX-MS of mAb Charge Variants Using a BioResolve SCX mAb Column, IonHance CX-MS pH Concentrat...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135037348 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 811.03 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

A direct IEX-MS method with broad utility for the successful detection of mAb charge variants.

Performance Assessment of the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class PLUS Binary System
Библиотечный номер: APNT135032593 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 811.54 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The performance of the ACQUITY™ UPLC™ H-Class PLUS Binary System is studied in this technology brief.

Profiling of Carbohydrates in Honey by HILIC-MS
Библиотечный номер: APNT135036893 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 805.06 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

The profiling and quantification of carbohydrates in honey is described.

Compliant Monitoring of Monoclonal Antibody Titer and Primary Structure Attributes Using a 2D-LC/MS ...
Библиотечный номер: APNT135036914 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 804.79 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

This work demonstrates how a traditional 1D assay can be extended to incorporate 2D functionality using a common instrument platform.

Bioanalytical LC-MS Quantification of Itaconic Acid: A Potential Metabolic Biomarker of Inflammation
Библиотечный номер: APNT135036675 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 337.77 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application highlights the successful extraction and quantification of itaconic acid from plasma.

Determination of Drugs of Abuse in Hair by UPLC-MS/MS: View from Brazil
Библиотечный номер: APNT135036463 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 346.06 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

A robust and sensitive UPLC-MS/MS method developed for the determination of a panel of drugs of abuse in hair.

Analysis of Microcystins in Urine with 2D-LC-MS/MS - Part III
Библиотечный номер: APNT135036471 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 1249.45 kB | Год: 2019 | Тип содержания: Методики

This application demonstrates the effectiveness of captive SPE extraction process for microcystins by 2D-LC-MS/MS from urine.

Analysis of Glyphosate, AMPA, and Glufosinate in Water Using UPLC-MS/MS
Библиотечный номер: APNT134976088 | Формат: PDF | Размер файла: 271.54 kB | Год: 2018 | Тип содержания: Методики

Specific, targeted method for determination of glyphosate, AMPA, and glufosinate in water samples, without SPE, after derivatization with FMOC, by LC-MS/MS. Suitable for monitoring both drinking water and ground/surface waters for compliance with European...