Increasing Chromatographic Performance of Acidic Peptides in RPLC-MS-based Assays with ACQUITY PREMIER featuring MaxPeak HPS Technology

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Robert E. Birdsall, Jacob Kellet, Samantha Ippoliti, Nilini Ranbaduge, Henry Shion, Ying Qing Yu
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Analyte/surface adsorption in liquid chromatography as a contributing factor to poor peak shape, tailing, and diminished recovery can lead to increased assay variability, reduced assay sensitivity, and missinterpretation of results for analytes susceptible to surface interactions. ACQUITY PREMIER with MaxPeak HPS Technology is Waters, solution to these challenges. Waters, ACQUITY PREMIER Columns are designed to deliver exceptional chromatographic performance while minimizing analyte/surface interactions of sensitive compounds. Collectively, this study demonstrates MaxPeak HPS Technology can be broadly applied in the development and manufacturing of new or existing therapeutic drug products to deliver the chromatographic performance expected from Waters technologies while increasing reproducibility, peak shape, and recovery of analytes prone to surface interactions.


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