Exceptional Carryover Performance of the Arc HPLC System for Chlorhexidine Sample

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Bheeshmacharyulu S, Dilshad Pullancheri, Tirupateswara Rao Boyidi, Dr. Padmakar Wagh
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Chlorhexidine is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial biguanide used as a topical antiseptic and in dental practice for the treatment of inflammatory dental conditions caused by microorganisms. It is one of the most common skin and mucous membrane antiseptic agents in use today.

It is typically viscous in nature and, therefore, very difficult to remove from injector surfaces and is known to give injector carryover in HPLC systems, which may result in out-of-specification values and may eventually lead to batch failure. We have performed the USP monograph method of organic impurities for chlorhexidine gluconate using an Arc HPLC System and the carryover is not detected in Arc HPLC when compared to competitor HPLC systems. The experiment confirms that the Arc HPLC System can minimize the injector carryover issue for chlorhexidine.

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