Improving Peak Capacity while Maintaining Selectivity using CORTECS Columns on an Agilent 1290 LC System

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Kenneth D. Berthelette, Jennifer M. Nguyen, Jonathan E. Turner
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Application Notes
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Pharmaceutical Discovery

CORTECS LC Columns, built using superficially porous silica base particles, are an ideal column choice for any LC system. Improved separation performance and increased column efficiency of superficially porous particle columns are achieved by the reduction in additive sources of dispersion from the A and B terms of the van Deemter equation. Notably, superficially porous particles can be packed more uniformly in a column, thus creating ideal conditions for reducing band-broadening and improving efficiency. All of these benefits can be examined more thoroughly by looking at van Deemter plots for superficially porous vs fully porous particles. One example of separation efficiency improvements with superficially porous particles is seen with the gradient separation of sulfa drugs. A CORTECS C18 Column improved the peak capacity of the separation compared to a fully porous particle column while retaining the selectivity of the separation. Even when compared to the competitive SPP column, the CORTECS C18 Column demonstrated enhanced peak capacity.

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