A Novel Phenyl Bonded Phase for Improved Reversed-Phase Separations of Proteins

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Jennifer M. Nguyen, Lavelay Kizekai, Dan Walsh, Jim Cook, and Matthew A. Lauber
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Application Notes
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Application Notes
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Protein Reversed-Phase Columns

This application note demonstrates the benefits of the unique stationary phase of BioResolve RP mAb Polyphenyl Columns.

The unique Polyphenyl bonded phase of the BioResolve RP mAb Column was developed to make it possible to elicit more information regarding the microheterogeneity of therapeutic proteins by improving the overall quality of RPLC mAb and mAb subunit separations. Designing the bonded phase to have the distinctive benefits of a high-coverage, phenyl-based chemistry has resulted in noteworthy protein separation capabilities. The BioResolve RP mAb Polyphenyl Column provides favorable selectivity versus other stationary phases while producing higher peak capacities for a variety of ion pairing conditions. Moreover, the Polyphenyl chemistry lends excellent acid stability by the nature of its high coverage bonding, which also aids in reducing carryover and allows for separations using lower temperatures and lower ion pairing strength. In all, the novel bonded phase of the BioResolve RP mAb Polyphenyl Column provides chromatographers with an opportunity to achieve higher resolution and to explore the use of lower temperatures and more MS-friendly conditions.

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