Comprehensive APC 2D Analysis of an Eight Component Polymer Blend

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Claudia Lohmann, Wolfgang Radke
Waters, PSS Polymer Standards Service GmbH
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High-resolution and advanced separation techniques can be applied anywhere not only in the polymer industry but also more widely in the chemical and materials industry. Research and development focused on polymer applications in modern materials science has veered a long way away from bulk linear polymers such as polystyrene or polyethylene. Depending on the application in an increasingly complex environment, simple polymers alone no longer meet modern day demands. As research and development starts to explore multifunctional and different polymer architectures such as block copolymers, grafted polymers, dendrimitic architectures, amphiphilic material, etc. or more complex blends, standard GPC or LC individually does not always reveal enough or only incomplete information about the polymers, their structure and predicted properties.

The limitations of standard GPC or LC individually has moved multidimensional or 2D chromatography into the spotlight of the more advance techniques becoming ever more prevalent in the recent years

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