Peak Scientific Nitrogen Generator NM30LA specifications

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Waters Instrument Specifications
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Peak Scientific’s NM30LA is a self-contained Nitrogen Generator with a built-in Air Compressor designed specifically to meet the requirements of your Waters LC/MS/MS. The NM30LA utilises membrane technology to selectively remove oxygen, moisture and other gases to leave clean, dry, phthalate-free nitrogen. Its features include: Built-in Air Compressor, Dry Nitrogen, Constant Purity, 24 Hour Operation, Specifically Designed for LC/MS/MS, Phthalate-Free, Easy Installation, Safety, Quiet Operation, Experience with over 10,000 systems worldwide use this technology, Mobile and moves to suit your requirements. If you have an air supply (clean, dry, oil-free source of compressed air @ 110 psig is required), Peak Scientific’s NM30L can be attached to your existing air line. Requiring no electrical connection, it is simple to install and wall mountable.

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