Milligram Scale Purification into a Single Well of a 96-Well Plate

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Cecilia B. Mazza;Jie Y. Cavanaugh;Diane M. Diehl;Tom Wheat;Jo-Ann Jablonski;Jeffrey R. Mazzeo [Waters]
Pittcon 2003
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Diphenhydramine; Oxybutynin
XTerra MS C18 5 µm Steel 4.6 mm 50 mm
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In order to minimize discovery timelines reduction in sample handling is key. There are cases where samples produced by combinatorial synthesis contain only a few milligrams of the targeted compound and many of the libraries developed are handed for purification in a 96 well format. Ideally, samples could be loaded from a 96 well plate and the pure fraction collected onto a well of another 96 well plate. However, this requires a small fraction volume for collection, in fact, lower than 2 ml. We have been able to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to carry out such purifications employing an analytical size column injecting over 10 mg of a given mixture and collecting the pure compound in one fraction. These results illustrate that running preparative chromatography in a smaller column results in lower column costs, lower flow rates, lower pressures, lower fraction volumes, lower solvent disposal and reduced sample handling.

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