The Use Of LC-MS/MS To Detect Nordazepam And Oxazepam In Calliphora Vicina Larvae

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Pien, K[1];Grootaert, P[2];De Boeck, G[3];Samyn, N[3];Boonen, T[4];Vits, K[4];Wood, M[5];Morris, M[5]
5th International Congress of Dipterology; University of Queensland; Brisbane; 29th September to 4th October; 2002
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Other Symposium
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--To develope a sensitive LC-MS/MS method for the detection and quantification of Nordazepam and Oxazepam in Calliphora vicina larvae (Diptera: Calliphoridae0> --To investigate the effect of Nordazepam and Oxazepam on the development of post-feeding larvae and pupae and hence, any possible implications for the determination of postmortem interval

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