Tandem Mass Spectrometry: a Versatile Tool for the Monitoring of Immunosuppressive Drug Combinations

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Cooper, D.P[1];Keevil, B.G[2];Tierney, D.P[2];Morris, M.R[1]
TDMCT; Washington; 6th-9th May; 2001
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Mot immunosuppresive drugs in common use require therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and individuaisation of therapy to maintain their target concentrations[1]. Exisiting methods suffer from a range of deficiences including cross-reactivity of antibodies with drug metabolites, labour-intensive sample preparation and lengthy sample HPLC separations [2]. Furthermore, a separate test is required for each drug when combined therapy is used. Accurate and robust LC-MS/MS Gold Standard methods for the analysis of immunosuppresive drugs have been available for several years but had not been widely adopted [3,4]. However, recent developements in the design of mass sepctrometers, simplification of their operation and reductions in cost have made them more attrative as routine analytical tools, particularly for immunosuppressibvsive drug monitoring. We have examined the suitability of HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) to provide a flexible method that will allow the cost-effective analysis of a range of drugs in a single, rapid assay with minimal sample processing.

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