Development of a Rapid and Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method for the Identification and Quantitation of Chloramphenicol in Seafood Samples

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Govaert, Y[1];Janosi, A[1];Batjoens, P[1];Degroodt, J-M[1];Van Eeckhout, N[1];de craene, B[2];Clauwaert, K[2];Claereboudt, J[2]
4th INT. Symposium on Harmone and Veterinary Druge Residue Analysis; Antwerp; 4th-7th June
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Other Symposium
The application of veterinary drugs in aquaculture can lead to residue problems, which require the development of suitable and fast analytical methods. This particular problem was demonstarted in 2001 in the Netherlands and Belgium where shrimps contaminated with chloramphenicol were imported from the Far East and became part of the largest consignment of animal feed delivered to firms in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland and Romania. In order to allow a faster control of these seafood samples we developed in this study a rapid and sensitive LC-MS/MS method for the identification and quantitation of chloramphenicol in shrimps using liquid chromatography coupled to a new compact triple quadrupole MS/MS system.

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