LC/MS Quantification of 52 carbamates: a fully automated protocol

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Yu, K;Krol, J;Balogh, M.
50th ASMS Conference; Orlando; 2nd-6th June; 2002
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--Carbamate, thiocarbamate, and urea-based pesticides are commonly used as agricultural pesticides. --They have demonstrated toxicological effects. Recently, they have been implicated as endocrine disruptors. --The field run-off water transports there analytes into the soil, ground water, and tributaries --Waste treatement does not remove ALL pesticides before discharge into the tributaries. --These are the source of YOUR drinking water. --There is a strong need for analytical methods to screen and quantify carbamates in raw agricultural commodites, drinking and surface water and soil. --The manufacturing waste of the carbamantes must be characterized prior to disposal. --US EPA Regulations ----Regulates pesticide use ----Requires routine monitoring of drinking water and raw source waters, soil and waste matrices ----Included the required routine EPA Method 531 (M531) for drinking and raw source water, 8318 is for soil and waste matrices

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