Temperature and Pressure Effects in Very High Pressure Low Dispersion Chromatography

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Marianna Kele;Pamela C. Iraneta;Uwe D. Neue;Edouard S.P. Bouvier;Jeff R. Mazzeo [Waters] Jonathan D. Thompson [Systec Inc.]
HPLC 2003
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Thiourea; Naphthalene; Acenaphthene; Toluene; Propylbenzene; Butylbenzene; Hexylbenzene
Symmetry® C18 3.5 µm Steel 3.0 mm 150 mm
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Temperature effects in high performance liquid chromatography have been extensively studied since the introduction of the technique. In spite of that there is no generally accepted model to correlate thermally induced radial and axial heterogeneity with the overall performance of chromatography columns. In this study analytical and microbore size columns packed with small particles (1-3 µm) are used under very high pressure conditions. Careful experimental design ensures proper temperature control and column stability. The presentation summarizes experimental results obtained under isothermal, non-isothermal (thermal mismatch) and adiabatic conditions. The heat and mass balance equations are used to predict band profiles under different thermal conditions and compare with experimental ones.

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