Novel Approach to MALDI-TOF-MS Sample Preparation

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Weibin Chen, Peter J. Lee, Santiago Vazquez, Asish Chakraborty, Scott J. Berger, Jeffrey W. Finch, John C. Gebler. [Waters].
Fall ACS 2003, 226th ACS National Meeting; New York September 7-11
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Yeast Cytosol
Cytochrome C Tryptic Digest
This work presents a novel MALDI target plate designed for direct sample preparation of biological samples. Significant concentration of very dilute samples and subsequent removal of contamination (for example, salts, buffers, detergents, etc.) is performed in-situ on the MALDI target plate. The sample preparation of protein digests coming from in-gel digestion of 2D electrophoresis gel spots are evaluated. Data is presented showing that sensitivity is significantly improved for faint Coomassie blue or silver stained gel pieces. The method is compared with alternative methods of sample preparation and its amenability for on-target micro-scale chemical reactions is also demonstrated.

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