Automated Characterization, Purification and Fraction Analysis

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Paul M. Lefebvre, Ronan Cleary, Warren B. Potts III, Jennifer Granger, Robert S. Plumb
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Other Symposium
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In order to obtain good screening results using compound libraries, minimum purity standards are required. Typically this requirement is 85% or greater based on the area % of an LC chromatogram with a generic detector like UV, ELSD, MS TIC, or a combination of multiple detectors. If the screening compounds do not meet this requirement, purification and fraction analysis is required. Managing the flow of samples, subsequent fractions, and all the associated data through this process can often be difficult and time consuming. This poster illustrates how a compound is efficiently taken through the purification process using the AutoPurify capabilities of Waters® FractionLynx™ Application Manager.

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