A Novel Strategy for the Analysis of Phosphopeptides, Coupling N-terminal Peptide Derivatization and HPLC Separation with Mass Spectrometry

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J. I. Langridge1, J. Rontree2, E. Claude1, I. Campuzano1, M. Snel1, T. McKenna1.1Waters Corporation, Manchester, United Kingdom. 2Waters NV, Almere, The Netherlands
Presented at: ABRF 2005; Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities Annual Meeting; February 5-8; Savannah GA
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Q-Tof Premier
This poster details a preliminary evaluation of N-terminal derivatization, using TMPP-Ac-Osu, for the enhanced analysis of phosphopeptides We have studied the effect of TMPP derivatization on the HPLC performance for small hydrophilic phosphopeptides This approach has been coupled with nanoscale HPLC on-line to an ESI Q-Tof Premier™ In addition off-line HPLC coupled with MS/MS on a Q-Tof Ultima™ MALDI and PSD MX™ on a MALDI micro MX™ has been used.

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