Maximizing Throughput of Synthetic Peptides in Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography

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Fang Xia, Jie Y. Cavanaugh, Da Ren, Martin Gilar, Uwe D. Neue, Diane M. Diehl Waters Corporation
2004 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, November 7-11, Baltimore MD
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Synthetic Peptides,
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Synthetic peptides sometimes are difficult to retain on traditional RPLC columns, because the traditional columns de-wet under 100% aqueous conditions necessary for retaining polar analytes. The Atlantis™ columns are specially designed for retaining and separating both polar and non-polar compounds. This new silica based packing material was designed with the best combination of pore size, ligand density, ligand type, and is fully compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases. Waters AutoPurification™ system is capable of running preparative chromatography in an automated fashion. FractionLynx™ software installed with MassLynx™ triggers, tracks, controls and documents runs. This scalable MS- and UV-based system provides a simple but powerful automated purification process for successful compound discovery and development.

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