Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography: Faster and Higher Resolution Peptide Maps

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Jeffrey R. Mazzeo, Paul D. Rainville, Thomas E. Wheat, Eric S. Grumbach and Diane M. Diehl
WCBP, January 10th-13th, 2005
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MassPREP™ Enolase, Phosphorylase b, and Bovine Hemeglobin digestion standards and MassPREP™ peptide mixture.
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Continuously improving peptide mapping to give better resolution without sacrificing speed or sensitivity is fundamental to developing well-characterized biopharmaceuticals. This technique is used for protein characterization, whether for identity testing, purity assays, or sequence confirmation with LC/MS. It is among the most demanding analytical techniques because of the extreme resolution requirements.

Recently, a new category of separation science, Ultra Performance LC™ (UPLC™), was introduced. This technology takes advantage of the chromatographic benefits afforded by sub-2µm particles using a completely redesigned instrument platform. UPLC improves resolution, speed and sensitivity for many HPLC methods. The application of UPLC to peptide mapping is described here

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