A comprehensive comparison of the selectivity, peak shape, and stability of C18, C8, and phenyl ligands bonded to the same base-silica

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Pamela Iraneta, Bonnie Alden, Diana Swanson, John O''Gara, Darryl Brousmiche, Jim Cook [Waters]
HPLC 2005
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With over 600 commercially available C18 packing materials on the market, the introduction of a new brand of C18 stationary phase makes choosing a column even more difficult. However, each new brand of C18 stationary phase often includes additional ligand chemistries that can be explored for optimal methods development. The performance attributes of chemistries such as C8 and phenyl stationary phases are not as well discussed as C18 stationary phases in the literature. The relative merits of each of these different phases can be exploited in the development of more robust methods.

The recent introduction of the SunFire™ brand of reversed-phase packing materials permits a systematic study of the selectivity, peak shape, and high- and low-pH stability of the various phases in the family: C18, C8, and phenyl. Because these ligands are bonded to the same base-silica particle, the observed differences can be attributed to differences in the surface modification.

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