Intelligent Chip: A Novel Way to Track Column History

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Jeanine Pippitt, Ted Ciolkosz, Roger Gilman, Dave Prentice, Marianna Kele, Ernie Woods, Jeff Mazzeo, John Heden, Bruce Smith[Waters]
Pittcon 2004
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Column performance can be difficult to track. Results are often sporadically stored in either notebooks or file cabinets, or not recorded at all. This lack of readily available column history can cause users to discard perfectly “good” columns or use “bad” columns, wasting valuable instrument and resource time. This poster describes the uses of the intelligent chip. The intelligent chip will provide the history of a column’s performance throughout its lifetime. The chip will be permanently attached to the column to assure that the column’s performance history is maintained in the event that the column is moved from one instrument to another. At the time of manufacture, tracking information –(Part Number, Serial Number, Manufacturing Date) and QC information (Pore Volume, Surface Concentration, Surface Area, Metals Content, Efficiency, USP Tailing Factor and K’) will be downloaded to the column chip. Storing this information on the chip will eliminate the need for a paper “Certificate of Analysis”, which is often separated from the column after it is purchased, or lost entirely. Once the user installs the column, the intelligent chip will automatically download key parameters onto a column history file. Information such as methods used, system used, number of injections, maximum pressures and maximum temperatures will be captured. The intelligent chip will also indicate if the column has met basic system suitability requirements. In the event that requirements have not been met, the user will be able to make a notation in the chip history file as to the reason of the noncompliance. The intelligent chip will provide a solution for easily tracking the history of the columns, reduce the frustration of paperwork trails, and allow customers the reassurance that a well-performing column is installed onto their instruments.

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